Pastoral Pondering 2/12/2017

Published February 12, 2017 by Reverend Dexter in Blog

What’s in your toolbox? I’m not talking about that thing or drawer you put your hammer and screwdrivers in. I’m talking about your spiritual toolbox. It’s important, and I believe part of the mission of our church, to insure you have the tools that will allow you to live as God created you and Jesus has shown you. I call that authentic living.

Equiping people to live authentic lives has been a major part of my call as a Pastor. I believe it is an essential part of what the church is called to do in the 21st Century and that Imago Dei MCC has a specific call to offer the spiritual tools that will allow the people we serve to live authentically. The primary way I offer insight into authentic living is through my sermons but there are a variety of other ways that our church equips people for this purpose. Our 2:42 ministry is one way that we offer people the tools they might need. Another way people might learn to live authentically is by participating in our upcoming Book of Life Bible Study.

Are there other ways that our ministry could equip you? Are there ways we could help equip others in Delaware County to live as God created them and Jesus shows them? I invite you to pray about it and share your thoughts with me.

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