Pastoral Pondering 1/23/2017

Published January 23, 2017 by Reverend Dexter in Blog

I am writing this as I sit looking out my balcony window across the lot and into the woods that surround the property. The trees are covered in a thin gray veil of mist. Last night I could barely see them because of the fog. There has always been something mysterious about the fog to me; it’s visible but not tangible, it has its own sense of being. It’s how I imagine the “shekinah” or shining presence of God spoken of as being visible in the older testament of our scriptures.

There has been a lot of fog and mist surrounding us lately; some of it literal and some of it figurative. Perhaps this gray day is a reminder to us that the presence of God that shines brightly at times can also appear in the midst of gloom. Be assured, God is present, even when we cannot see or touch it. God’s presence is a veil that softly comforts us in darkness and will adorn us in times of glory.

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