Pastoral Pondering 1/2/2017

Published January 2, 2017 by Reverend Dexter in Blog

Sometimes I have to hear or read things several times before I understand what is really being said. That’s what happened to me when I was preparing for the Teaching I was to do as part of Worship this past Sunday. I’m sure I’ve heard or read the passage about the Maji many times but I had never full considered what they did once the ChristLight led them to where the infant Jesus was. The Gospel tells us what they did first was rejoice, then they worshiped him; but they also did something else. They offered him gifts (and not just a sweater!) The Wise Ones offered him luxurious gifts; the finest they had to offer. This got me thinking. Gifts are so much a part of our culture’s tradition of the celebration of Christmas. But gift giving has become more of an expectation than a joy for many. And there is often a lot of thought given to what to give to who to fulfill the responsibility of giving something to every person on our list. I’m wondering; wouldn’t it be more spiritually and scripturally sound if we focused on what gifts we have to offer Jesus this season? And not just what we feel we have a responsibility to give but what we can give with joy. What can you and I offer as an act of worship to the one who came to offer us so much? What is the best and most luxurious gift you have to give to Christ Jesus?

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