Pastoral Ponderings 11/7/2016

Published November 7, 2016 by Reverend Dexter in Blog

Imago Dei MCC’s Annual Congregational Meeting will be held on November 13th following worship.

If you have an interest in the ministry of Imago Dei, particularly our future, I encourage you to be present. The Agenda will include the usual items for consideration in a business meeting; the receiving of reports from officers, proposal of an annual budget, and elections for positions on our Board of Stewards as well as our Lay Delegate.

But the primary reason I am encouraging you to be present is because I believe this is a pivotal point in the history of our congregation and I want to share with you my vision of some specific steps we need to take within the coming year that will make it possible for us to more fully fulfill the purpose to which God has called us. I feel the Holy Spirit’s prompting and I sense God’s presence in the work we have done to discern our mission. Now, I believe we are called to act; to follow that prompting and be that presence.

I hope you will choose to be in attendance at the meeting and are ready to commit to being part of the new ways Christ is calling us to be church.

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