Pastoral Ponderings 11/15/2016

Published November 15, 2016 by Reverend Dexter in Blog

My Pastoral Report from our Annual Congregational Meeting is attached to message. I invite you to read and welcome any discussion you would like to have about it.

I also offer the following poem by our member Gwynne Isaacs for your pondering.

Hey there, I know what you’re looking for.
You came here from Houston, LA, Portland, Miami, Boston,
wandering, searching,
looking for America.
Every national park, every shrine,
every monument, every tourist trap.
Everybody took your money,
took your time, took your patience,
and you’re still looking,
cause ya’ can’t quite find it,
find the spirit, the electric,
the thing that zapped Franklin and Washington and Lincoln,
the thing that really makes it America.
So, stop a minute now and LOOK at yourself, that’s right, at you.
You ARE America.
If you don’t believe me, then remember
When you work – it works,
When you’re honest – it’s honest,
When you’re clean – it’s clean,
And when you’re friendly – it’s friendly.
But remember too
when you’re narrow minded and destructive –
Well, I don’t have to tell you, do I?
It’s everything that you are.
America’s a mirror.

In 1976 Philly was deluged with visitors who were filled with Bicentennial spirit. KYW News Radio had a bicentennial poetry writing contest. When my poem won, I was invited to their studio to record it.
Much to my mother’s delight, they played it repeatedly. Granted, I’m no Maya Angelou, but I am happy that, 40 years later, the message has stood the test of time – Gwynne

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